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Resort Dining | Valle Escondido Resort, Golf, & Spa, Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama

A Taste Of Valle Escondido
Here in the hidden valley, our resort offers a variety of dining options. It is our goal to offer dining experiences at the Valle Escondido Resort, Golf, and Spa that both tantalize your palate as well as gratify your soul with an ambiance that is second to none.

Valle Escondido Resort, Golf

The Higueron
Imagine sitting down for breakfast or lunch next to the river under the giant Higueron tree. The ambiance is sheer tranquility as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the Quebrada Grande running right next to your table. The early mornings also bring out the many songbirds that favor this area for their breakfast too.

The giant tree acts as an umbrella to both provide shade and protect from the bajareque (Boquete mist) that often times rolls into the valley. Enjoy a wonderful breakfast of either typical Panamanian style or North American favorites including omelets and French toast.

For lunch you will find great soups and salads as well as sandwiches and wraps, great steaks, chicken dishes, and fresh fish.

Open daily from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sabor Escondido
If the Valle Escondido Resort, Golf, and Spa is like a hidden oasis, then you’ll be even more impressed by our restaurant Sabor Escondido which is located in a great white tent decorated as a Bedouin camp with multicolored textiles and soft lighting.

Sabor Escondido means hidden flavor, but the flavors won’t be hidden from your palate! Sit by the fireplace and enjoy a glass of wine while perusing the extended menu of delightful creations by Chef Alex. We offer a variety of local specialties as well as well-known favorites, all with a touch of Chiriquí flavor.

Enjoy a Mexican basket of sautéed chicken in a flour shell or an authentic Valley of the moon ceviche. Or how about a tangy strawberry salad to go with the steamed or broiled local rainbow trout or sea bass? We even grow our own Tilapia here in the resort if you want to experience wonderfully fresh caught fresh water fish.

Our steaks and other meats come from just over the volcano. Brevard specialty butchers is well known all over the country as the best supplier of select meats. If you like pasta, you will find several flavorful dishes including meat or vegetarian lasagna as well as seafood sauce over fettuccini.

Be sure to look over the extensive wine list consisting of wonderful South American wines and some California favorites.

Open daily from 6 to 10 p.m.

Café Con Leche
In our very cozy cafeteria you´ll get a taste of our authentic Boquete Coffee, delight your palate with our cappuccinos cultivated in Valle Escondido and processed in our beautiful town of Boquete. You’ll also get fresh fruit smoothies, and green juices. Wireless internet service is available in our Café con Leche.

Bar La Cantina
Most definitely a great place to meet with family and friends. If you like to karaoke, feel free to try your favorite tones. Enjoy your favorite drinks and cocktails before or after dinner.